Too Many Cooks

Too Many CooksIt is 1974, and the annual British Good Food Awards dinner is about to take place at the Savoy Hotel in London. It is the highlight of the culinary year and is preceded by a full day of newspaper and television coverage. All the winners have arrived the night before, as have most of the press.

This morning, Veronica Hacker, the investigative journalist, was found murdered in her suite on the ground floor of this hotel. All the award winners had reasons for wanting Veronica out of the way. Which one of them stabbed her to death?

The suspects are

Annabel Sloane-Ranger of Annabel’s Scrumptious Spreads, winner of the Best Business Lunch award

Fay Rocher and Sandi Beech of Sweet Sensations, winner of the Best Confectionery award

Peter Savoury of The Tipsy Turbot, winner of the Best Restaurant award

Bill Wordsworth of Exceedingly Good Cakes, winner of the Best Baker award

Rudi Emmental of A Slice of Switzerland, winner of the Best Dairy Products award

Doug Meadows of Mr. Meadows’ Cookies, winner of the Best Newcomer award

Trisha Branflake of Tip-Top with Trisha, winner of the Healthy Heart Award

westerleigh performance of Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks playing at Westerleigh