Actor Led Events

We supply the mystery and the suspects, you supply the detectives.

This type of murder mystery is designed for a large group of people who act as the detectives. This could be in any setting – we have performed in a library (tea and biscuits at the end), in village halls (dinner either at the end or interspersed with the mystery) and in a church hall (tea and biscuits half-way through and a raffle at the end). We also have a short format with a single round lasting about 40 minutes altogether; ideal for a club or society meeting, or part of an event. The possibilities are endless!

“What a night! People are already asking when the next Murder Mystery evening will be so please thank your Actors for an amazing evening. They were brilliant and entertained us really well, there was much laughter to be heard.” Chris

The cast in action at Westerleigh.

The murder has already happened and the suspects (that’s us) have gathered together to talk to each other about what has happened. The detectives (that’s you) also have the opportunity to interrogate the suspects. The evening is divided into two rounds (one round for the short format). First the narrator sets the scene and explains who has been murdered. The suspects then introduce themselves and this leads into their discussion of what has happened. At the end of the round the narrator sums up what has been discovered so far. The audience have the opportunity to question the suspects. At this point there can be a break for refreshments, or in the short format go straight into filling in the answer sheets and the explanation. The narrator opens the second round with some new information, and the plot unfolds further. At the end of the second round, the narrator gives a final summing up and there is another chance to question the suspects in the light of the new information. There is a further opportunity for refreshments while the audience make up their minds and fill in their answer sheets, saying who they think the murderer is, and why and how the murder was committed.

Once all the answer sheets have been collected, the narrator explains what really happened, and why it must have happened that way. We then give out certificates and maybe a prize to anyone who has succeeded in solving the case.

We will discuss the format and running order with the event organiser to suit your requirements.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to you
and your talented partners in crime from the ‘Red Herrings’ for
providing such an excellent evening’s entertainment last night.

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These are the short format plots:

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