Community and large group events

We supply the mystery and you supply the suspects and detectives

These are designed for large groups, 20-50 seem to work well, who want to run their own event. We have run them as fund raisers in our village hall with a break in the middle for food. We know it’s thirsty work so these events can also be used for organised entertainment in a pub or social club. We call these our Village Murder Mystery events as the plots are based on a village community.

We supply prompt cards for some of the group to play the suspects. These cards explain the persona of the suspect and some things they should only reveal when asked directly. Suspects can act up the part as much as they like as long as they reveal their secrets when asked. To enable the secrets to come out we have a large number of ‘snippets of gossip’; just like a real community! These snippets are distributed amongst the rest of the participants who work in groups. Each group only gets some of the snippets (usually a third) so they have to talk to other groups to find out more gossip. Each snippet provides a question to ask of a particular suspect. It’s a brilliant way to get everyone up and talking to each other. Suspects are also members of groups as they don’t know who the murderer is either! For more details of what is supplied contact us.

We have two rounds so there is an opportunity to have some food or refreshments in between. Some of the plots introduce another death in the interval! Suspects get a new card with new information and secrets in the second round and there is more gossip to bring out the secrets.

Suspects don’t need any acting skills, but must be ready to answer questions fully from their card; there will be a lot of questions not all of which have been anticipated so an ability to ad-lib is useful. One person plays the police detective who reads out a situation report to start the two sessions. After the second round (we suggest taking about an hour for each round) groups have to put forward their solution for who the murderer is what is the motive and the method. When the answers have been collected the detective reads out the denouement; which has been in a sealed envelope throughout. Prizes and certificates can then be awarded for those who have worked it out.

Current titles include

Amateur Dramatics

Curse of the Ancestors

Local Politics