Who we are

The Red HerringsSome history

We are a group of friends based in and around South Gloucestershire who for some years have enjoyed getting together for murder mystery dinner parties. We especially like the How to Host a Murder series, and also the Murder a la Carte ones. Then we began to run out of those and so one of us decided to write her own, and these have become our Dinner Party Murders.

Then another of us wanted to run a larger event in his village and wrote some murder mysteries suitable for that kind of event and these became our Community Murders.

Recently, we noticed a lot of interest in staged murder mysteries, where performers take the parts of the suspects and the audience play detectives, interrogating the suspects and solving the murder. We can do this, we thought, and the Actor Led Events came into being. We started off in our local library, performing a library related murder (Murder at Marsh’s Library), which was such a success that we performed it again in two village halls by invitation. This inspired our first writer to write another one (Death at the Daffodil), which we were invited to do in the same three places, and we are now branching out!