Amateur Dramatics

AmateurDramaticsThe village amateur dramatics (Am Dram) club is popular with the more outgoing members of the village. They put on at least one ‘serious’ production a year and a pantomime at Christmas. The current production, a romantic comedy, is in rehearsal. The cast have their foibles, which become suspect when June Temple wife of the leading man dies in suspicious circumstances. Overlapping membership with the pistol shooting club and the hand-bell ringers complicates matters.

The suspects are:

The actors

Paul Temple: Lead male, married to June the set designer. A confident outgoing character who usually takes (expects) the lead male role in the AmDram productions. Can become petulant when it suits (for instance when he doesn’t get his own way); but not nasty.

Sara Dimple: Lead female, married to Thomas the second male player. Born and raised in the village, returned when she married. A lively personality. She has not acted in a local production before and finds it very exciting to work with Paul Temple who is an experienced leading man.

Thomas Dimple: Second male, married to Sara Dimple but quite a bit older. You are playing the second man in the current production; mainly because the part requires an older person and most of the actors are younger.

The artistic team

Gordon Bennett: Director of the play and the driving force behind the AmDram production. He is the Director of the play and the leader of the AmDram Society which he founded. The people and problems of the production are his lifeblood (the show must go on!).

Clarissa (Ginger) Crotchet: Music Director, wanted to do an operatic production not a romantic comedy, always arguing with the others. Clarissa is not happy with the idea of music in a stage play! You would have preferred to put on a small opera (Gilbert & Sullivan perhaps). You like to stand your ground (sometimes seen as argumentative).

The stage staff

Sam Cooper: Set builder and builder by trade, old village. Sam is the village handy man, a builder by trade. You are second cousin to June Temple who inherited a lot of money from an Uncle that you expected would come to you. In the AmDram Society you build the set and fix things.

Pete (sparks) Tucker: Electrician who does the lights and sound for the AmDram production. Lives with his mother.

Ellen Bennett: Make Up and Hairdresser, wife to the Director. As you were a beautician before you married you do all the makeup and hair for the actors. You have a family of three children who you bring along to rehearsals; because you cannot get a baby sitter. The children are mostly well behaved; but they seem to get noticed when they are not!

Front of house

Emma Rogers: Treasurer and finance advisor, and handles all the ticket income. You are a Financial advisor and have advised most people in the village about their savings and investments. Many of them trust you with their money (in some cases their life savings).

George Ryder: Bar manager; also runs one of the village pubs. George is the bar and refreshments manager for the Society; which usually makes all the profit (rather than ticket sales for some reason). You are a good listener, and often hear things from conversations or outright confessions (in vino veritas).

Hazel Pritchard: Box Office manager responsible for selling tickets and managing returns. You always hand over any ticket sales income to June Temple who puts the money in the bank.