The Pirate and the Parrot

plot logoThis murder mystery is set in the little Cornish village of Port Petroc, home to pirates and smugglers, at some time in the past.  We find ourselves in the best, indeed the only, hostelry in town called the Puff Inn. The inn is run by the indomitable Ruby.  Two rival pirate ships, the Black Swan and the Queen B, are both in port and so their crews are enjoying some shore leave.  The local shopkeeper has closed his establishment for the night, the mysterious Contessa is in her usual private booth and even the wandering minstrel is here, trying in vain to find anyone to listen to his songs.  Unfortunately, all this jollity was interrupted by the news that Vlad, the Pirate King, captain of the fearsome ship the Black Swan, had been found dead in his cabin.  His parrot was also dead, stabbed with the same knife.

The suspects are:

Belladonna, the captain of the all female Queen B.

Ruby, the owner of the Puff Inn at Port Petroc

Ernest, a wandering minstrel who wants to be a monk

Matty Low, cabin boy on the Black Swan

Buck Kinnear, the first mate of the Black Swan

Higgs, the Bo’sun of the Black Swan

The Contessa, woman of mystery

Peter Piper, the shopkeeper in Port Petroc

Cast of The Pirate and the Parrot