Local Politics

LocalPoliticsThe Murder Mystery is set in the middle of an election campaign, with David Klegge, the sitting member, about to give a speech at the village hall in the evening. A statement has been promised regarding some rumours about the candidate. People arriving for the hustings that evening discover that David Klegge has died in suspicious circumstances that afternoon.

The suspects are:

Felicity Klegge Wife of the member. An epitome of the woman behind the throne, Felicity has supported her husband through his meteoric rise in local and now national politics. She clearly enjoys the social whirl of political life as well as the responsibility to promote good causes.

George Prettyman Chairman of the local party, a wealthy property developer, party grandee and builder. David and George have been in business together in the past.

Harriet Charmin Works in the local planning department and is a long term mistress of David Klegge. She is besotted with David and revels in the clandestine nature of their relationship.

Roger Ryder Political agent and lifelong friend of David Klegge. Roger does all the back office management and makes sure David presents the right face to his public. A classic political animal.

Thomas (Tom) Foulkes A local man who works for Prettyman Builders at the building yard on the industrial estate. Tom is a big fan of David who he sees as supporting local business.

Nick Klegge Younger brother of David who runs the family farm; though their parents left it to both brothers in equal shares. He is a country squire.

Sandy Prescott A member of the other party who held the seat until David Klegge took it at the last election. Sandy claimed there was corruption after the election. A candidate in this election well out on the left.

Dwain Sharpe Landlord of the local pub. A popular local character who sold some farm land to David Klegge a few years back, only to find it developed by Prettyman into an industrial estate.

Belinda Brown A local resident campaigning for an inquiry into a local care home following her mother’s death there last year. David Klegge is a director of the home which was a development by Prettyman. She and Felicity Klegge have been friends since school.