Murder at Marsh’s Library

Murder at Marsh's LibraryThis murder mystery is set in Victorian Dublin in 1880 in Ireland’s first public library. Marsh’s Library was built in 1701 for Archbishop Narcissus Marsh and is notable for the three wire alcoves or cages where readers were locked in with rarer books. It is still open today and it is possible to visit for a small charge should you ever be in Dublin.

In our story – which is of course complete fiction – Lord Valleymount has just been found shot dead in one of these cages. He was planning to donate his extensive collection of rare books to Marsh’s library. Today a number of guests are here for a sherry party at which Lord Valleymount would publicly sign a deed of intent. There are a number of people who had their own reasons for not wanting the donation to go ahead.

The suspects are

Lady Valleymount is Lord Valleymount’s much younger wife. They have not been married long but they are reputed to be a very devoted couple.

Lady Melissa Collingwood is Lord Valleymount’s sister and lives in Valleymount Hall. She is equally at home in high society and on horseback.

Boris Volkov is a Russian expert in illuminated manuscripts on an extended trip to Ireland looking at the Book of Kells.

Connor O’Brien is the librarian of Marsh’s library who is very excited about the possibility of Lord Valleymount giving his books to the library.

Lalage Greenaway is an artist whom Lord Valleymount has commissioned to paint his portrait which will hang in Marsh’s library after the books have been donated

Hugo de Ville is a clergyman on a sabbatical at Valleymount Hall studying Lord Valleymount’s collection of Sumerian papyrus

Mary-Jo Fisher is a young American visiting Ireland for the first time staying at Valleymount Hall.

Professor Anthony Fitzgerald is a professor of medicine and also a collector of old books.

characters in Marsh's library plot

Characters in Marsh’s Library