Curse of the Ancestors

Amateur archaeologist and local man the Rt Hon Algernon Smythe has recently returned from an archaeological expedition to Mesopotamia. He is giving a talk in the village hall this evening about the expedition and some of the amazing discoveries he and his team have made. Just this afternoon he was found dead in his study in suspicious circumstances.

The plot is set in the 1920s; this is an excuse to dress up.

The suspects are:

Belinda Smythe, wife of Algernon Smythe. A hunting, shooting country lady. The Smythes live in the big house at the end of the village. Belinda went on the expedition with her husband.

Clarissa Bell, a nurse who was born and brought up in the village. Clarissa went on the expedition as a nurse and maid for Belinda Smythe.

Gerald Sanders, a friend of Algernon’s who organised the expedition.

Fred Wenlock, batman to Algernon Smythe who was born and brought up in the village. Fred went on the expedition where he also worked as the quartermaster.

Pippa Lovelace, a professional archaeologist. Only arrived in the village on the day and is staying at the village inn.

Jeremy Ponsonby-Smythe, a cousin of Algernon Smythe and goes hunting with Belinda.

Sam Wenlock, brother of Fred and previously engaged to Clarissa Bell.

Daisy Cooper, friend since childhood and confidante of Clarissa Bell.