Return of the lost Lamb

Plot Icon, Return of the lost LambThis murder mystery is set in the (fictional) village of Wolfscastle, set on a cliff on the South Devon coast.  It is 1957: the young Queen has been on the throne for five years, Harold Macmillan is our Prime Minister and “we have never had it so good”.  We are at Sheepfold Hall, ancestral home of the Lamb family, to celebrate the return of Vanstone, the eldest son of the Lamb family.  Vanstone mysteriously disappeared without trace twenty years ago and most of his family and friends had given up hope of ever seeing him again.  They were therefore amazed when, two weeks ago, a man claiming to be Vanstone presented himself at the offices of the family solicitor.  Enquiries have been made, interviews have taken place and it has now been announced that his claim has been verified to the solicitor’s satisfaction.  His family and friends have gathered this evening to celebrate his return, although not all of them are convinced of the legitimacy of his claim.  During the dinner, however, he collapses and dies.

The suspects are:

Laura Sheppard, the Lamb family solicitor who has the task of verifying Vanstone’s identity

Wulfstan “Wully” Lamb, Vanstone’s younger brother

Araminta “Minty” Lamb, Vanstone’s younger sister

George Grudgings, Vanstone’s childhood best friend

Fernanda Scott, Vanstone’s cousin and an explorer, recently returned from an expedition

Simeon Jacobson, a friend of Vanstone’s from university

Ben Counter, a colleague of Vanstone’s when he worked for an accounting firm

Alex Knight, a stranger stranded here when her car broke down nearby.