Death in a Silver Masque

MaskedBall9This murder mystery is set at a Silver Wedding party in the present day. Michael and Virginia had a very quiet wedding because they were both very poor. Now Michael is a world-renowned artist, and Virginia is a successful property developer, they are celebrating their marriage in style with a renewal of vows, presided over by the clergyman who performed the original ceremony, followed by a lavish masked ball held in a local country house hotel. The bridesmaid and Best Woman are both there, as well as many friends both old and new.

Virginia dies after drinking some fruit punch, and traces of hemlock are found in her goblet. It seems that she was not the charming woman she appeared and many of the guests have been wronged by her. But which one of them poisoned her, and how did they manage to do it?

The suspects are

Michael DiAngelo, Virginia’s husband

Adam Upjohn, Virginia’s brother

Andrea Preview, Michael’s Best Woman

Lucy Diamond, Virginia’s bridesmaid

Juliet Capstick, Virginia’s best friend

Professor Theophilos Reader, Virginia’s ex-fiancé

Rose-Bay Willow-Herb, a friend of Virginia

The Reverend Daniel Paul