Assassination Aboard Amphitrite

plot logoThis murder mystery is set in July 1963, aboard Amphitrite, a luxury yacht, belonging to Lucky Jim Vernons.  Lucky Jim Vernons is so called because he has a long history of surviving shipwrecks.  He is now enjoying a very comfortable retirement and has invited some friends to join him for the maiden voyage round the Greek Islands.  All was going well until yesterday morning when the guests awoke to find most of the crew had jumped ship.  This morning, Lucky Jim is nowhere to be found.

The suspects are:

Queenie Lerner, on her first trip to Greece

Digby Oldland, a professor of Greek, famous for his broadcasts on Ancient Greek civilization

Kallisto Thespis, an actress about to start filming Pirates of the Aegean

Jack Custard, a diver specializing in wrecks

Helena Troy, Lucky Jim’s latest girlfriend

Mark O’Neagh, the radio operator on Amphitrite

Marina Fysh, a marine biologist

Bill D. Shipman, a boat builder from Penzance

The cast of Assassination Aboard Amphitrite

The cast waiting in Yate Library to begin.