Malice in Wonderland

Plot logoThis is one of our short format plots.

This murder mystery takes place in the village of Little Duckworthy in the Marsh.  The local Dramatic Society is rehearsing Alice, a play which combines both Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass.  The play is directed by Vanya who has recently moved to the village.  The cast has just finished a complete run-through in costume and are waiting on stage for Vanya to comment on their performance.  Unbeknownst to all but one of the cast, the Stage Manager is about to tell them the shocking news that Vanya has been bludgeoned to death.

The suspects are:

Fiona, a new member of the Society, playing Alice

Peter, anxious and always late, playing the White Rabbit

Chris, an art teacher, playing the Caterpillar

Matt, a widower with one daughter, playing the Hatter

Scarlett, a mathematics teacher, playing the Red Queen

Lionel, an inventor, playing the White Knight