Singing in the Snow

snow4It is February 1939 and Lord and Lady Moneypenny have invited a select group of guests to join them on the inaugural flight of their new aeroplane Songbird, to Boston USA where Lady Moneypenny and colleagues will be singing The Mikado at the Colonial Theatre. The trip was uneventful until the plane reached Gander, where the hydraulic systems failed. Heavy snow began to fall, making repairs impossible, and they are stranded.

Fortunately, the chef had brought plenty of supplies and was able to serve a delicious lunch. Shortly after lunch, however, terrible screams were heard from Lord Moneypenny’s private study on board. They all rushed there to find Lord Moneypenny had been murdered.
The suspects are

Heidi, Lady Moneypenny is a young soprano who married Lord Moneypenny three years ago. Since then, he has used his fortune to secure ever better roles for her. She will be singing the part of Yum Yum in the Mikado.

Lottie Moneypenny is Lord Moneypenny’s elder sister. She has never married, but enjoys a glamorous high society life thanks to the profits of the family business.

Eve Stropper is the recently appointed Personal Assistant to Heidi. She handles all the many letters that Heidi receives and sends out glossy photographs.

Nora Darrow is Lord Moneypenny’s private pilot. She is passionate about flying and lives for nothing else.

Dr. Grant Payne-Pill is Lord Moneypenny’s private physician. He used to be a doctor in the RAF, but left to take up the more lucrative job with Lord Moneypenny.

Al K. Mist is the senior research chemist working for Lord Moneypenny. He is here on this trip because of his great interest in Gilbert and Sullivan.

Topsy Worthington is an older soprano, who used to be the star until Heidi came along. She will be singing the part of Katisha, although she would far prefer to be Yum Yum.

Sven Garlee has been Heidi’s singing teacher ever since she married Lord Moneypenny. He has taken her from a humble member of the chorus to her current exalted position.

Barry Tone rose to fame as Choirboy of the Year ten years ago. He is now building a career as an adult, and will be taking the part of Nanki Poo.

Peter Parsnip is a well-known comedian, famous for his stand-up routine. He is also a talented singer, and will be taking the part of Koko, the Lord High Executioner, in the Mikado. It is his singing début.