Dinner Parties

We supply the mystery, you supply the suspects who are also the detectives.

These are standard dinner party murder mysteries, such as you might buy in a box. Other examples are How to Host a Murder and the Murder a la Carte series. They are designed for a small number of guests who take the parts of the suspects. The murder has already happened, and the suspects are gathered to discover everyone’s secrets which may or may not be relevant to the murder. Each guest receives a booklet with information about his or her character, which must only be revealed when challenged. The evening is divided into several rounds, between which courses of the meal are usually served, and in each round, each character will have some facts to conceal and some questions to ask of the other characters. There may also be clues handed out to some characters, which they must then reveal to the group. At the end of the evening, everyone makes their accusations, and then the murderer, motive and means are revealed.

This type of murder mystery is suitable for a small group (8-10) and is ideal for playing over dinner. Extra guests may be included if they don’t mind not being a suspect. There is the opportunity to dress up as your character, decorate your dining-room appropriately, and play suitable music, or you can just order in take-away and come as you are! The choice is yours.

Current titles:

Too Many Cooks

Singing in the Snow

The Bridge Tournament at Bletchley Park